Thursday, 24 April 2014

Been a while...

It has been a while since my last blog post and although I haven't spent as much time on the old bike as I would have liked, I have been busy some work on it...

So after the excitement of getting the engine running, I think about what the next job should be.

Finally I decide on cleaning the front end up, and I start by looking at the handlebars which have a light layer of rust over them due to being stored for all those years in a garage. I soon realise that this would be easier if I removed the bars, so with no further ado, I start by removing the instrument surround/handlebar pad which was easy as eating cake. Then I look at removing the switch gear, levers etc. It wasn’t long before these were off too, but hey where did those wedge shape things fall from? Oh, well, I will sort that out later! So now just to remove the handlebar clamps and he presto I have the bars in my hand. Staright away I reach for the Autosol chrome cleaner and a part worn scourer sponge to help me get the pitted rust spots cleaned up and before long the bars looked like new. Wow, the quality of the chrome on these old BMW’s is great.

Great I thought, I will look at putting the bars back on, but the top plate is looking rather rusty too, so it wasn’t long before I had stripped the entire front end down leaving just the bottom yoke in place.

Over to the sand blaster to clean up the top plate, handlebar clamps, instrument/headlamp bracket ready for a fresh coat of satin black paint. Whilst the paint on that lot was drying/hardening, as I like to leave freshly painted items several days before re-fitting, I turned my attention to the forks that I had removed. After draining the fork oil, which incidentally I found more oil in one leg that the other! I then cleaned the lower alloy finished legs trying several different chemical cleaners and after some scrubbing and rinsing they looked pretty good.

Then I thought, whilst I am this far, it would make sense to check the head bearings for sufficient grease, which were absolutely fine but I re-greased them with fresh grease anyway. With the bottom yoke off it also made cleaning the headstock area of the frame easier, which then lead me into polishing the entire frame with a black dyed polish so that you don’t see any white area of dried polish anywhere. As I done this I removed all the electrics from the top of the frame and cleaned the terminals and applied some ACF50 to them for good measure.

So now another few weeks have passed of more cleaning and polishing of front end bits, I decide enough is enough and re-assembled the front end, just leaving the front brake system to sort out another day, but with a new front tyre it all looked rather good.