Saturday, 3 May 2014

Where did the time go?

I started this project back in November last year with the aim of getting the bike on the road for the HUBBUK event as I thought this would be a fitting place to take the new steed. Back then I thought 7 months would be ample time to get the bike ready, not a complete re-build, just a strip down and clean up, change the oils etc. and get it ready for it's MOT.

Well, it is now the beginning of May and I realise that there is plenty to do yet as I have spent far too much time on the front end, and still have a lot of other work to do before the 19th of June!

So I turn my attention to the rear end of the bike and proceed with removing the rear racks, mud guard and wheel. Now that gives me better access to cleaning the rear subframe and exhaust silencer, which the chrome is in fact far worse than the handlebars were but with my part worn scourer sponge and more Autosol, I get stuck into cleaning it up and the end results lifts my spirits to press on and polish the framework with more of the black dyed polish with more amazing results!
As the inside of the rear final/bevel drive unit was free from oil, just brake dust, I decided  not to replace any of the seals at this stage and carry one as I have done with the engine in just cleaning it all up so I can check for leaks after running the bikes for a bit. The rear brake shoes were cleaned and out back on, a new tyre fitted and wheel back on making the bike look more complete again.

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