Friday, 13 June 2014

Modified side stand...

Well I have been struggling with both the side stand and centre stand on the ST so time to work out how I can modify them to make it all a bit easier.
With the side stand being mounted on the left engine bar, it is a long way forward, so my short legs cannot extend it out before I get off the bike. Coupled with the fact it automatically retracts when no weight is on it I find that I have to get off the bike before deploying it. So after a prototype bracket which proved the theory but failed because it was not strong enough, I came up with a suitable solution. Pictures to follow.
Now the centre stand on the BMW twins in the early 80's seem to be notoriously bad and many people struggle with them. I then learnt that BMW came up with a modified stand to help the situation but these are now no longer available.
However, I have been shown the correct method of using the centre stand and although still not as easy as many motorcycles, it has made a difference so I will settle with that.

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